Data Owner and Data User Learning Path

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Who this path is for

This learning path is for anyone who needs to share and access data in their organization.

Learning path context

In large organizations, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for analysts to access all the data they need.

This learning path demonstrates how Data Owners can create data sources, enforce policies, and build projects to collaborate and share their data with users across their organizations efficiently and compliantly.

Before beginning the first course, consider these overarching questions:

What are your specific goals regarding data access and collaboration, and how do they compare to your organization’s goals?

How will Immuta be incorporated into your workflow?

What you’ll be able to do

After completing this learning path, you’ll be able to

  • create and manage data sources.
  • add a description and documentation for a data source.
  • add tags to a data source.
  • manage the Data Dictionary.
  • manage data source access requests.
  • post, respond to, and delete a discussion thread.
  • retrieve SQL connections and access credentials.
  • create and apply Subscription and Data Policies to a data source.
  • create and manage a project.
  • manage access requests to a project.
  • create a Subscription Policy for a project.
  • add tags and data sources to a project.
  • enable and disable Project Equalization.
  • join a project.