Immuta Fundamentals

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Who this path is for

This learning path is for all initial Immuta users. These sessions detail data sharing, creating data sources, governing data, applying policies, collaborating through projects, and connecting analytic tools. This path also introduces all users to the basic features of the Immuta UI.

Learning path context

Balancing privacy and utility of data is one of the many challenges faced by data analysts and compliance professionals. Frequently, privacy restrictions cause friction among various departments when sharing and requesting access to data, which results in bottlenecks and inefficient use of time and resources. In many organizations, it can take months for analysts to receive access to data they request.

Immuta works to reduce this friction and inefficiency by ensuring that privacy is maintained through simple language policy builders that automatically enforce restrictions on data based on user attributes when users request access. Immuta also allows users to collaborate, share, and retrieve data from a single access point, eliminating the need of copying data.

In order to use Immuta effectively, it is essential that all users understand the principles of Immuta and the various features the product has to offer.

Before beginning this path, consider these overarching questions:

How is data shared and accessed in your organization currently? What problems have you encountered in this process?

What you’ll be able to do

After completing this learning path, you’ll be able to

  • navigate and identify different features of the Immuta UI.
  • define essential Immuta terms and concepts.
  • edit your user profile page information.
  • subscribe to a data source.
  • join a project.
  • create SQL credentials to connect to the Query Engine.