Immuta Customer Training


These courses explore the basic features of Immuta, including data sources, projects, and policies. Whether you’re analyzing datasets, restricting data access, or managing user entitlements, we’ve designed a learning path for your specific persona:

  • Data Owners and Users: Create data sources, manage policies and projects, and access data.
  • Data Governors: Assess how data is being used and manage Global Policies, purposes, acknowledgement statements, and tags to restrict data access across multiple projects and data sources within Immuta.
  • Administrators: Manage the permissions, attributes, and groups associated with each user and configure application settings and integrations.


Before you enroll in your persona path, complete the Immuta Fundamentals course to gain a basic understanding of the Immuta architecture, data sources, policies, and projects.

After you complete a course, a certificate of completion will be available for you to download on the course’s home page.