Designing a Solution

After you’ve determined that your customer has a specific, well-scoped use case for Immuta, you can begin to determine what technological and business needs they have.

Copy the text from this POV template and paste it into a text editor of your choice:

You will use this document throughout the rest of this learning path, so save it somewhere easily accessible.

Build Your POV: The Executive Summary

Throughout the course a “Build Your POV” section will provide relevant information for a sample customer; you will use the information provided to build your POV, sometimes directly copying and pasting text you’re given, other times making your own inferences.

As discussed in the previous section, understanding why a customer wants Immuta is essential to a successful installation and implementation. After you’ve prompted them with some of the questions from the previous section, you develop this summary of their reason for pursuing Immuta:

Prospective customer plans to use Immuta for data discovery (autotagging), technical metadata cataloging, access control, and audit reporting. The goal is to enable data access control management, entitlement management, and auditing of all registered data activities.

They have recently completed their HITRUST certification, and two recommended areas of improvement were data governance and global privacy enforcement on PHI and PII. They are looking for a highly auditable solution to enforce policy and catalog data in their environment. Their current process relies on RBAC and is unsustainable and exposes them to significant risk. Their goal is to securely streamline both internal data engineers and third-party data scientists access to data to enable their Healthcare Claim Analytics platform. The hypothesis is that Immuta can dynamically enforce global privacy policies at scale, without manipulating the data, and ensuring compliance with HIPAA and CCPA.

This is the center of the POV; all requirements, demonstrations, and success criteria should align to the goals articulated here. As such, it should be the first text visible in the POV document.

Before continuing to the lesson, paste this summary in the “Executive Summary” section of your POV document.