Associate Engineer Course 1: Deploying Immuta

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Welcome to the first course in the Immuta Associate Engineer certification program! This course prepares you to lead customers through installations of Immuta.

What will I learn?

This course enables you to

  • understand and fulfill your role as a certified Immuta Engineer.
  • explain the components of a basic installation of Immuta.
  • differentiate between the two deployment methods Immuta offers.
  • install Immuta.
  • troubleshoot installation errors.

How will I know that I’ve learned?

This course contains several activities and quizzes that assess your mastery of skills and concepts related to deploying Immuta. You will demonstrate your understanding of the concepts outlined above by

  • completing a knowledge check: You will assess your understanding of the Immuta components by taking a brief multiple choice quiz.
  • following an installation tutorial and video: You will have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned by installing Immuta locally using Docker in the final lesson of this course. Additionally, we’ve provided a working session video of an engineer demonstrating an installation of Immuta using Kubernetes.
  • engaging in a brief reflection: You will reflect on your confidence with and understanding of the content in this course. Depending on how you feel about your mastery of concepts, you can opt to complete enrichment activities, access additional resources, and read supplemental articles and documentation that we provide to you.

What am I working toward?

For part of your certification exam, you will install Immuta locally and troubleshoot an installation scenario. All of the content in this course is designed to prepare you for that portion of the exam and for challenges you may encounter when leading customers through their installations of Immuta.